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The Experience Conference
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Why attend Experience?

The presenters at Experience will cover a range of topics in a mix of lectures, hands-on labs, and interactive sessions.

There will be case studies and examples to learn valuable and hard-won lessons from. You will learn processes you can adopt to accelerate your designs. You will hear about enhanced approaches to delivering better customer experiences across all channels and devices.

Design Track Sessions

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User Experience Design Fundamentals

Focusing on user experience is a fundamental key to attracting repeat users. But what does 'experience' mean? Where does it start and end?

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Start Designing Content

Content-first design is in some ways a response to the needs to deliver content across multiple channels and devices. It is also an approach that ideally embraces a lack of known physical constraints such as we see designing for print or purely for the iPad.

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Multi-channel Delivery: Defining the experience

With customers using our products and services across digital channels - with multiple devices, multiple contexts, and in multiple roles - user experience designers must stop designing from the screen inwards and instead begin with the content and build out.

Development Track Sessions

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Engineering a Customer Experience Management Solution

The premise of Customer Experience Management (CEM) is centered around delivering consistent, engaging experiences to customers across all channels that respond dynamically and intelligently to the users, their context, and their devices.

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HTML5: From Specification to Implementation

HTML5 is new, it's cool, and it's out finally. Rather than read through the lengthy HTML5 specification, Peter will take us through the important bits in a session of intrigue and amazement.

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Modular Web Content Presentation Systems

CSS3 is hot. It's easy to start using its great features today within your content management system's component-based presentation model. So why wait? Well, before you go adding a ton of new style attributes into your site's theme, you'd better consider designing a more modular system to control the presentation of your web content.

Blog latest

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Presentation handouts now available

Session presentations, with speaker notes, are now available for both the design and development tracks.

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Schedule announced. Registration now open!

We're pleased (and somewhat relieved) to publish the finalized schedule for Experience. Registration for the event is now open. So, get in quick if you don't want to miss seeing some of the world's finest web engagement experts.

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Interview with Jeremiah Abblett on HTML5

Check out our interview with Jeremiah Abblett, founder of, for a sneak peak of the hottest topic at this year’s conference and find out why Jeremiah thinks the future of multi-channel experiences lies with HTML5.